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Basic Obedience Group Class

These are the most commonly used of our classes offered as well as the most economical. These classes are limited to six dogs or less which gives the dogs a chance to socialize with other dogs and people, while still being small enough to give Mike a chance to get to know each dog personally. Learning in a group also offers distractions and since life is full of distractions, using these in a real world situation will aid in the behavioral training of your dog.

As with any training, you the owner, need to maintain training everyday for the rest of the dog's life. Though this seems overwhelming, just five to ten minutes each day would reinforce the good behavior achieved.


Next Basic Obedience Group class:


Next basic obedience class will be starting on:

Monday 6/10 @ 6:00 pm - 1 spot left

Monday July 22 @ 6:00 pm (4 spots remaining)

Intermediate class


Wednesday June 26 @ 6:00 pm 

If you cannot do our group classes, consider private sessions instead.

If you adopted a dog at a shelter / rescue in the last three months you will get 20% off our Basic Obedience Group Class.

Intermediate Obedience Class

This group class is only offered in the summer as it is held only outside, weather permitting. In this class you and your dog will continue working the skills learned in the basic obedience class and take it to the next level.  Longer stays, walking with minimal leash use, sit or down stay while walking, further recalls and of course more distractions.  We also work with more hand signals.  You must complete the basic obedience class or pass an equivalency test to participate. 

We will be starting a class in May and usually offer two (2) per summer. If you are interested please call or come in to sign up as only have 6 spots per class.

Private Sessions (at our facility)

Classes are with you and your dog only. These offer more personalized attention to both you and your dog. The benefit of this type of class is that it can be scheduled around your needs. We will cover most anything that you are having problems with, such as aggression, jumping, biting plus all the basics if you prefer private sessions to group class.

You are not committed to purchasing a specific number of sessions, instead you can purchase sessions as needed. 

Private Sessions (in your home)

Sessions are usually held at your home and around your schedule. This is a one-on-one class where you and your dog will be more relaxed in your home environment. This type of class works best for a dog that needs help with social interaction, dogs having issues within the family, dogs with aggression, puppies that are too young for group class and dogs that do not ride well in the car.

In Kennel Training or Doggie Boot Camp

This type of training is designed for the people who do not have time to teach their dog the basics. In "doggie boot camp" your dog will need to be boarded with us for 10 days minimum . In this time, Mike trains your dog through out the day each day working on basic obedience as well as any behavioral issues which you discussed at check in.  We keep the session short as not to overload your dog and to keep in enjoyable also. Mike will call occasionally to update you on your dog's progress and to set up a pick-up date and time. At check out, Mike will teach you to work with your dog. Although most dogs will go home off leash trained, they still require daily training sessions at home.

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Basic Obedience Group - This six week class costs of $119.00 plus tax. Includes information handouts and a certificate of completion / end of class evaluation. You will need a 6' leash, your regular collar, small training treats and a 10' - 15' long line for recall work.  RETRACTABLE LEASHES are NOT ALLOWED in class.


Intermediate Obedience Group - This four week class costs $90.00 plus tax and we offer a 15% discount to students that have completed our Basic Obedience Group class.


Private at your home - $120 + tax - 2 hour session.                (mileage my apply depending on your location)


Private at our facility - $80 + tax - 1.5 hour session.


In Kennel Training (boot camp) - Starts at $624

Training Testimonials 

"We have had Duke for one year today. What a difference in this dog from when we first got him. Thanks to you, Duke's experience with us has been very positive".                                     

                                                              J. Buscemi


"Dog whisper, takes the time to discuss your dog's individual problems. Available by e-mail and phone".                                                                                                                                       L. Bibb


"The small size of the class was great, Michael was great, very knowledgeble and you could see that he loves dogs.  

                                                              T. Forand


"Michael has a great personality and repore with the students, both human and canine. He explained what was to be covered and covered it. He spent a good deal of time with one-on-one instruction."



"Very well educated with any and all aspects of dogs, friendly and consistent."          

                                                                   S. Hanek


"Both me and Charlie learned to work together. He was happy to learn and so was I. Michael was patient and was very informative."   

                                                              D. Vanlente


"He did not force the dogs, but made us learn the commands and in turn teach our dogs. He always answered the questions even if he had to extend the session."       

                                                               M. Conforti

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