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We are NOW ACCEPTING new grooming clients.

Please call to make an appointment.

We offer grooming services every day except Wednesdays and Sundays.  Appointments are required, please be sure to book in advance as we may be booked out several weeks depending on the time of year. 


First, all dogs are bathed with a high quality conditioning shampoo and blow dried.  Next, we cut their nails (grinding available upon request for an additional charge) and clean their ears.  Finally, we start their haircut.  You may know exactly how you want your dog groomed and we will do our best to accommodate you.  On the other hand, you may not be sure what type of cut will look best on your dog and also be practical for your needs and we can help you decide what we should try. 


Prices vary according to the breed of the dog as well as what type of cut you want. Matting and temperament also factor into the price.  There will be an additional cost for flea treatments and skunk baths.  Please let us know when making your appointment if you need either a flea treatment or a skunk bath so we can allow for additional time.


We do NOT groom females that are in heat, pregnant or nursing puppies. Typically dogs are in heat for about three weeks so please schedule accordingly.

We do NOT groom cats.


We require proof of current RABIES and DHLP-P (distemper) vaccinations. 

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Some pet owners are looking for a "breed cut" such as a westie cut, springer cut, cocker cut, schnauzer cut, etc.  These cuts require frequent appointments to maintain plus regular brushing and combing at home to keep mats from forming in the coat. 

We also offer the more economical "shave down".  The body and legs are "shaved" to the same length while the face, head and ears can be either shaved or trimmed depending on what you like.  We usually trim the tail unless you request it to be shaved also.  This style can be done in lengths of 1/8" up to 1".  The shorter the cut, the longer dogs can go between grooming appointments and less brushing and combing in between appointments at home. 

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Some breeds or coat types just need a bath and trim.  This includes a complete brush out following the bath and then a trim of the legs, feet, butt, belly and face.  Combing out matting is too painful and time consuming so if a dog is too matted, we will NOT be able to to a bath and trim.  Sometimes mats can be cut out, other times it is better to shave them down and start over.

Does your dog just need his or her nails trimmed?  We do that!  You need to call for an appointment but we can usually fit you in easily.  Nail trims are $12-$16 depending on your dog.  We now offer nail grinding in addition to trimming for an additional $5. 

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Do you want your dog to be shiny-clean and smell fresh when you pick him/her up from boarding?


Don't want the hassle of bathing your dog at home?


We now offer freshen-up baths in addition to our full grooming services.  We will bathe and dry your dog before you pick him/her up.

Prices range from $14 - $18* 


*This is just a bath.  Brushing, nail trimming and ear cleaning are NOT included.  There is an extra charge for extra large dogs or dogs with long/thick coats. 

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