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I take my dog Snoopy to Canine Comfort Inn to see Tracey for his two month appointment for a bath and trim.  I'm always pleased and happy at how good he always looks and Snoopy gets a big plus, "Tender Loving Care".  

                                                          Frances Knopps

We have been very pleased with Canine Comfort Inn for both boarding and grooming.  We adopted our dog, Diamond, when he was five years old and he did not like to be bathed of groomed.  Tracey was willing to work with him and showed a lot of patience.  Although bathing and grooming will never be Diamond's favorite thing, he trusts Tracey and his grooming appointments are part of his regular routine now.  Diamond also had some behavioral issues when we first adopted him.  Tracey and Mike gave us lots of great advice in regards to socializing him and housebreaking him.  We board Diamond at Canine Comfort Inn on a regular basis and know that he is being well cared for.  It is wonderful to have a "home away from home" for Diamond to go to when we travel.  We would highly recommend Canine Comfort Inn to anyone seeking boarding, training and or grooming services for their pet.  

                                                       Kurt and Heather Obenberger

Because our dogs are important members of our family, we highly recommend CCI.  We've used all their services from grooming to training with great success.  They've given us many helpful hints and alerted us to potential health issues.                                              Thanks CCI!  

                                                       Steve and Betty Greger

We have found Canine Comfort Inn a perfect place for our dog Vlad.  He is always well cared for and we appreciate the honesty and details about his stay we are always given.  Both my husband and I always feel welcomed on both drop off and pick up of Vlad.  We recommend taking your pet here!  

                                                 Stephen and Robin Muza

Mike and Tracey,

Thank you so much for your excellent care of our critters!  I can't tell you what it means to us to have such caring, experienced and knowlegable people handling our pets.  Your extra care and compassion for our old and fragile pointer, Annie, has made it so much easier for baths and nail trimmings.  Gracie loves her stays at the Canine Comfort Inn when we need to board her as well as the pampering she gets with the baths and nail trims.  Additionally, there is no one else we trust with the "grand pit" than you two.  Your experience with "bully breeds" is invaluable for her safety!  She is a wonderful, obedient dog but we know we can trust you to handle her and not take chances that might create problems.  Thanks so much.

                                                                 Christa Guenther 

Tracey has been grooming Sophie since we got her in 2007.  Sophie has never had a bad haircut and Tracey lets me know if there are any problems Sophie has.  Tracey always gives her a pretty scarf and Sophie loves to show off how beautiful she is after being groomed.  We have also had some training classes with Mike who is extremely patient (especially with his human students).  I've watched these two hardworking people turn their property and business into a great place to bring your pets.


Tracey and Mike know dogs.  My dogs, Lenny and Miley, are well cared for.  Canine Comfort Inn know my dogs' personalities and cater to their needs.  They are always honest and upfront about my dogs' care.  Canine Comfort Inn is easy to work with and flexible in scheduling.  I would highly recommend using their services.

                         Peggy Larson, customer of 7 years 

                                                                       Sept. 3, 2012

I have been receiving care for my dogs for over thirty years in various places and with a variety of providers.  One can easily tell the care a dog gets by the way a dog reacts to being delivered to the kennel.  The dogs I have brought to Canine Comfort Inn are as excited about being dropped off as they are when I pick them up.  For me, that is a sign of a good kennel.  Canine Comfort Inn does not just house and feed dogs, they care for them and they know when something is not right with one of their dogs and they also know what to do about it.  The success of a vacation is often determined by the concern one has for the things they leave behind.  I appreciate Canine Comfort Inn bacause I leave my dog and my concerns behind when I travel.  I know that she will be getting the best of care and I know that I will be notified if there is a problem.  I appreciate Canine Comfort Inn a great deal and do not hesitate for a moment to give them the highest rating available.

                                                              The Rev'd Dale E. Klitzke 


About a month ago, late morning on one of our hot days, I  was on my way into town and as I got to the edge of town, I see a couple walking their 6 dogs.  As I turned and looked, I see it was Tracey and Mike who have the dog grooming place, Canine Comfort Inn.  As I looked closer, I see Tracey pushing one of the dogs in a wagon - this was a big dog!  I knew one of their dogs had been to the U of M for surgery and assumed it was that dog she was pushing in the wagon.  My eyes watered up and my thoughts were "how very lucky these dogs are!"  Tracey and Mike are such great people and the best dog owners.  You see, I know because I take my 3 little guys there to be groomed every month and have ever since they came to town and opened their dog grooming business.  My little Bennie, that I adopted, went to Mike for training and that helped Bennie and me a lot.  My dogs love to go there, they are great people and great with dogs.  If ever you or someone you know needs dog grooming done, these are the ones.  These are truly great people!!

                                                                                                                             Mary Jo and her boys - Sidney, Bennie and Sonic

                                                                          (super pages)



Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate the fantastic job you do with Corky.  You make him smell so good and cut him so handsomely.  Thanks so very much.



Just like people who have children want the best care for them, I want the best care for my dog family members.  I have been involved with dogs and the dog industry for 40 years -  from family pets, dog care and training facilities and now dog rescue.  I am very picky as to whom adopts our dogs as well the care of my own dogs when I need to board them.  Mike and Tracey are involved in Akita rescue.  I do Rottweiler and Mastiff rescue.  Just from that you know they are special people and have a love of dogs.  Akitas are a wonderful breed that needs some dog handling experience, as do my Rotties and Mastiffs.  They can handle any breed that comes to them.  Tracey is a patient and experienced groomer and Mike is a patient and confident trainer with many years of experience.  THEY WILL TELL YOU if the dog(s) had issues or problems and they will help you resolve them or tell you how they took care of your dog to ease any stress it may have had while boarding or being groomed.  I have boarded many times over the years at Canine Comfort Inn.  I live in Illinois and on my trips to Wisconsin I will drive 3 hours out of my way to board my dogs here.  I have complete confidence in Mike and Tracey, most recently I had to board my dog that had surgery a week prior.  They monitored her activity level and also through their video cameras can watch dogs in their kennels from their home which is on the property just steps from the kennel area.  They totally immerse themselves in their family business of dog boarding, grooming and training.  The facility is clean and fresh smelling.  You can tell by your dog's reaction if they had a good stay.  Mine didn't want to leave.  You can feel confident they will take care of your dogs as if they are their own.  

                                                         Francine and Wayne Suchocki  

                                                      Recycled Rotts Rescue volunteer                                                                        Willow Springs, Illinios

2-17 wilma 3.JPG

We take our dog to Canine Comfort Inn almost every weekend in the summer.  Our dog loves Mike and Tracey and is always very eager to spend the weekend at their kennel.  Tracey and Mike treat her very well and we are very happy with her care.  If she gave us any reason to believe that she was not happy there, we would not be taking her.  She is our "child" and we take her care very seriously.  I recommend Canine comfort Inn to anyone.

                                           Mary S. (insider pages)

Tracey and Mike take excellent care of the animals.  They have several rescue dogs of their own and treat guests like family.  The facility is very clean and they are very experienced in the care of all animals.They work with the owners very well too.  They are honest and real people who will give you an honest report of how the animals do while visiting their facility.  I highly recommend Canine Comfort Inn for all of their services and feel they are definitely an asset to the community.  I'm very glad they decided to do business in the Menomonie area where we needed them badly!

                                            Sandy J K. (insider pages)

We have been very satisfied with the Canine Comfort Inn.  We feel that our dog has been treated well during his stays.  The hours of operation are printed on their business card and our dog has always been available during that time.  He never hesitates to enter the kennel with the owners, is fed well, but is always happy to see us upon our return.  We especially thought that the Christmas card to Leo is great.

                                                 name withheld (google)



They (Canine Comfort Inn) do an awesome job and are very loving and caring to our dogs.  Thank you so much for a job well done!!

                                           Lori Lackey (facebook)

Thank you Tracey for being so patient with my Lacy and for forgiving me for being late.  Lacy went through a very bad experience about a year ago with nail trimming - the people cut her nails WAY too short.  So Lacy doesn't like people messing with her nails but Tracey reassured me that with patience, Lacy will learn to trust her.  Also their pricing for my girl's cut was so much cheaper than others and the cut was better than most I have found.  WE WILL BE GOING BACK...  Thank you again Tracey.

                                                       Dian Komanec (google)

I only bring my dogs to there (Canine Comfort Inn).  They love dogs so I know my dogs are in good hands.

                    Gretchen Hesse (facebook)

2-20 cuddles wiedman 1.JPG
3-18 peanut and roxy hesse 3.JPG

They did an awesome job giving my cuddly little persnickety ten-year-old Jatzu a styling and pedicure.

                                   Essie O. Teetee (facebook)

After looking for a groomer for two years in the Menomonie area, we finally found Canine Comfort Inn based on a recommendation.  My only regret was that we did not try them two years ago!  They will for sure be our groomer from now on.  They have a wonderful area out front with a fire hydrant designated specifically for the dogs to potty on before going inside.  I loved this feature!  I was also informed that they sanitize that area, which is awesome!  It looked very clean and smelled fresh.  The woman who helped us (I'm assuming is the owner) was SO kind and complimentary of my dogs.  She clearly knew so much about how to cut different breeds and discussed their cuts with utmost expertise.  I could tell she really liked dogs and my dogs were instantly comfortable there.  I also liked that the grooming tables are behind the check-in desk.  They do a wonderful job and you are able to see them grooming when you check in and out!  The dogs looked great when they were  finished and I felt it was very reasonably priced for the quality of care and service.  Highly, highly recommend!

                                                Alli Mesh (google)

Terrific service!  Friendly staff.  They have great recommendations for doggie hair cuts.  They know their stuff!

                                                Rachel H. (google)

4-18 jack 8.JPG

I know my Jack is well looked after here.  gives me peace of mind whenever I need to board my dog to know he is in their care. :)

                                              Julibeth Harmer (google)

Echo is a standard poodle and in training for Service Medical Alert.  I hated leaving him for even a moment but so happy I finally did, they are wonderfully exceptional.

                                     Kai Kong (google)

Great team here.  They always do a great job taking care of our dog who is a very large breed.  Fair price and fabulous service.

                                              Julie Rae Miller (google)

I used to bring my shih tzu-poodle mix dog, Roary, here when I lived in Eau Claire!  I would make the commute to have her boarded here because she was always in great hands and put me at ease.  I have yet to find a place as amazing as here!  I would highly recommend them to anyone (I really wish I lived closer nowadays because they are all I trust besides family to watch my spoiled pup!)

                                       Aili Ann Giddings (facebook)


My lab loves this place!  I've been keeping him here since Aug. 2006 (first under the previous owners, now with Mike and Tracey) and we are very happy with the care, service and facility.  The owners have squeezed us in at the last minute, forgiven us when traffic kept us from our appointed pick up time and are always pleasant and accommodating.  Mike and Tracey have put a lot of time, sweat and $$$ into improvements, landscaping and remodeling - it is truly a Canine Comfort!

                                           name withheld (google)

I would highly recommend using Canine Comfort Inn for pet grooming and care.  We took our cocker spaniel to be groomed and they did an excellent job on her.  She not only smelled wonderful but looked cute as a button with her new bandanna on.  Molly went in extremely nervous and when I picked her up, she was very relaxed.  I was happy to see this.  If there is one thing we want for our animals who are family members is for them to be relaxed and friendly with other people.  Very happy and satisfied with not only cost, but their ability to do an exceptional job.  Thanks Canine, we'll be back.

                                          T. Miller (city search)

We have used Canine Comfort Inn many, many times.  Their love of dogs is evident in how they run their business, handle their customers and care for their furry guests!  Friendly and knowledgeable staff, clean and safe facility, affordable and competitive prices!  They are always very flexible, easy to work with and keep our dogs' best interests in mind!  Excellent job!

                                           Chantelle Larson (facebook)

My original border had bailed on me for 4th of July weekend...  I was so fortunate to find this kennel, they luckily had a cancellation that weekend so I could board my dogs.  They were more than accommodating!!  Their prices are also fantastic!  My dogs seemed happy.  I'm taking them there again this weekend and I'm not concerned a bit!  I know they're in great hands and the owners were extremely friendly!

                                                 name withheld (google)

I wanted to post a review and tell everybody what a great place this was!!  I had to take my new puppy there because we had to go out of town for the night.  They groomed her also while I was gone.  I came back and she looked sooooo cute!

                              name withheld (city search)

I have always been exceptionally pleased with the service with my large shepherds.  I also have been accommodated when it was not convenient for these folks and it has been a life saver for me a few times.

                                   Michael J. Pershern (google)

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