Our facility consists of 20 indoor runs that are approximately 4' x 6' or 3.5' x 8'.  We have radiant floor heat so the dogs do not sleep on "cold concrete floors", in fact, their blankets get nice and cozy-warm.  We also provide them with Kuranda beds (similar to a cot) to keep them off the concrete.  Air conditioning is provided in the summer months to keep dogs as comfortable as possible.  We now have video cameras set up indoors as well as outside so we can keep an eye on your pets day or night.

( the cameras are not viewable for customers they are for  our safety and your pets )

All dogs need to be current on their vaccinations including  RABIES and DISTEMPER.  


We do not board females in heat.

We let each dog outside into individual 6' x 12' concrete exercise runs 3-4 times per day. Although the runs are covered to protect the dogs from the elements, the temperature is the deciding factor in how much time the dogs spend outdoors. 



We sanitize both our indoor pens and outdoor exercise runs daily using a high pressure hosing system along with a combination of bleach and a cleanser specifically formulated for kennels. Although we pride ourselves on having the cleanest environment possible for your pet, "dogs will be dogs" and they can still get dirty during their stay with us.  You have the option of scheduling  a freshen up bath or grooming (depending on availability) prior to your dog's departure. 

Our pens are large enough to accommodate multiple dogs from the same family.  The dogs must get along well and be able to eat together without supervision. If you choose to house your dogs seperately, you have the option to exercise them together or to keep them separate while outdoors. We provide all dogs with Kuranda beds, blankets and stainless steel water/food dishes.  Please do not bring dishes from home as it is easier for us to sanitize our dishes.  We do allow you to bring up to 2 toys and / or a machine washable blanket (no pet beds or pillows) from home as long as you understand that they may be chewed up or lost.


We ask that you bring your dog's regular food as to avoid a sudden diet change. Please use a sealed container (no ziplock bags or glass containers please) and bring enough for an extra day or two, just in case you are delayed in your return.  We feed dogs at 6:00 AM and 4:30 PM and leave food down until it is gone. If you are dropping your dog off after 4 PM, please be sure he/she is fed prior to arrival. 


We will administer medications up to 3 times per day as needed.  We use pill pockets to entice dogs to easily take their pill(s).  If your dog cannot or will not take the pill in these, please bring in whatever you use at home.  We do have refrigeration available. We are also able to administer insulin shots for diabetic dogs. 


All dogs are given a treat before bedtime.  If your dog has allergies, please bring in treats from home.

Contrary to our name, we offer cat boarding as well. We have four 4' x 3' stainless steel cages available to accommodate either one to two cats (from the same family).  These cages include a hammock or a kuranda bed (like a cot - either single or bunk bed) and blanket so your cat can lounge comfortably,  a litter box and food and water dishes.  Cats are housed in a separate room from the dogs.  If you have multiple cats, we can keep up to two cats in the same cage.   Although we aren't able to let cats out of their cages, we do visit them several times throughout the day and pet/cuddle with them. 



Cats are required to be current on their vaccinations including RABIES, DISTEMPER, and FELINE LEUKEMIA (either the shot or a negative test within one year). 


Please bring in your own food so we don't change their diet.  You are welcome to bring up to 2 toys and a small, machine washable blanket as well.  We will supply the litter box, litter, stainless steel water/food dishes, and blankets.  All cats are given a treat before bedtime.

Playtimes are done individually or by the family if you have multiple dogs.  Each one is 10 minutes long and we spend time out in our fenced in backyard with your dog.  We let your dog do what he/she wants whether its play fetch, sit and be petted, play chase or just wander around sniffing the fresh air and lying in the grass.  To sign up, just ask for "playtime" when you drop your dog off for boarding. They can be done multiple times daily (weather permitting), every-other-day, twice per week, etc.   



Group playtimes are also available.  These 20 minute sessions allow your dog to play and socialize with other dogs of similar behavior and temperament.  All dogs participating in group playtime must be spayed and neutered (unless under 6 months old) and pass a temperament test.

We love to post pictures of pets during playtimes on facebook so please visit our page to see dogs having a great time!!


Minimum two night stay when boarding over a holiday break* with the exception of New Year's Eve.

*Spring break, Memorial Day weekend, July 4th, Labor Day weekend, Thanksgiving weekend and Christmas


We do all of our pricing "a la carte" so you don't have to pay for services that you don't want.  We let you customize your pet's stay with us to fit both you and your pet's needs.

Boarding rates are as follows: 

(Prices do not include sales tax)


Rates effective January 1, 2019

9 nights or less:

1 dog   - $22 per night
2 dogs - $33 per night (1 kennel)*
2 dogs - $40 per night (2 kennels)*

3 dogs - $44 per night (1 kennel)*

3 dogs - $55 per night (2 kennels)*

3 dogs - $62 per night (3 kennels)*

1 cat   - $11 per night
2 cats - $17 per night (1 cage)*

2 cats - $20 per night (2 cages)* 


10 nights or more:

1 dog -   $20 per night
2 dogs - $30 per night (1 kennel)*
2 dogs - $38 per night (2 kennels)*

3 dogs - $40 per night (1 kennel)*
3 dogs - $50 per night (2 kennels)*

3 dogs - $58 per night (3 kennels)*

1 cat   - $10 per night
2 cats - $15 per night (1 cage)*

2 cats - $18 per night (2 cages)*


*Multiple animal rate is for dogs/cats living in the same household.


Daycare: Just drop your pet off in the morning and pick up before closing on the same day for just $11 per day.  Call us for pricing on additional pets.  

Playtime - individual:

Individual:  $3 for a 10 minute session,

add $1 each additional dog in same family.


Playtime - group:  $5 for 20 minutes of play with other dogs,

add $4 each additional dog in same family.


Due to limited space, we do require 24 hours notice prior to your drop off date on all cancellations or changes in reservations.  Cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice will incur a one (1) day boarding charge.  "No shows" will incur a two (2) day boarding charge.  If reservations are shortened with less than 24 hour notice prior to drop off, the charges will be for the original dates reserved.